Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Top 13 Local About Us Pages

Being featured here on E.M.O.S. means that your choice of About pages reflect everything we consider as ethical, in other words there are no apparent or blatant misleading aspects, a kind of showcase of ethical websites who got your vote for truth, ethics, helpfulness, unbridled selflessness and friendliness and naturally, If you feel that your own website reflects these qualities, you should certainly drop us a link, similar to the below sites, If we agree, we will send you a number certified copy of our logo.

Below are examples of local business About Us pages we have done so with the sole intention of inspiring you. These pages aren't perfect, but they communicate the spirit of the company and its owners, engaging their consumer in a unique way, and represent the brand or personality of the company. (Click the images to see their full About Us pages.)

*.12. UNITE

Monday, November 17, 2014

Why You Should Count Among The Ethical Members Of Society

We all have a good idea about society's expectations are of what is morally and ethically sound in society or simply put, what makes a person righteous? If you feel your experience and kind efforts, have taken you to places above and beyond what is termed reasonable duty, in your expression of selflessness towards living creatures of our planet.

Write your own story in 100 words max, your story will be adjudicated by the esteemed readers of this page who will vote by virtue of a comment below your own story. The monthly votes will be tallied and the story with the most positive votes will be sent a unique numbered  logo to be featured withing the marketing or promotional section of your business. All logo holders websites will be randomly scrutinized and may loose the right to display our logo.

No spamming in whatever form, will be allowed on this page.